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Lambskin Specialties

How does a company transform itself from a subcontractor to the garment industry in the heart of Canada, to become the largest manufacturer of wool dusters serving the maintenance industry in North America? That is the journey of Lambskin Specialties.

The company, incorporated as Schultz Fur Mfg., got its start in the 40’s manufacturing fur trimmings for hats and coats. In the 1960’s we started designing and making sheepskin hats, coats and slippers – products we continue to manufacture to this day. (See our related link to The Wonderful World of Sheepskin for more details.)

Since 1968 Lambskin Specialties has been providing the maintenance industry with products that really perform. And when the DUST WAND was introduced in 1969, it was the beginning of love affair between the cleaning industry and the wool duster that continues to endure.

As a family owned business we take every transaction personally, and we treat every customer as family. We continue to employ the entrepreneurial spirit that breathed life into the company from its first days; a spirit that has been the backbone of the maintenance supply industry for generations.

From our ownership team, Managing Directors Myron Schultz and Melvyn Pollins, and Albert Schultz (President), to our office team lead by Faye Zbrog with Rosanne Tymchak, to our incredible factory staff lead by Rosemarie Lamy, and to the sales professionals who represent us on the front lines, we are committed to bringing our distributors and maintenance workers the most diverse and effective selection of products available.

We are Lambskin Specialties, and we are your source for dusters and so much more.