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Impact Products, LLC

About Us

Our Leadership History

Impact Products, LLC, based in Toledo, Ohio, was founded in 1963 by James R. Findlay. The company is currently led by Terry Neal, a graduate of The Ohio State University. Terry became President in 2007 and CEO in January 2009. His predecessor, John Harbal II, retired as chairman in 2010.

Commitment to our Customers

At Impact, our mission is to provide quality products at competitive prices, while using a team environment to offer superior customer service. We continually strive to maintain our motto "The Friendly, Flexible Company" and do so with the best in people, processes and products.

Commitment to the Environment

Impact is committed to learning and implementing practices for a greener tomorrow. Through research and strategic sourcing, we are adding items to our line to help our customers reduce their carbon footprint and work toward a greener world.

Commitment to a Safer Environment

At Impact, "we live what we sell." Incorporating safe work practices in all Impact facilities with the "STOP for Safety" program from DuPont, which resulted in a workplace free of injuries for over five years – performance recognized with an award from the Safety Council of Northwest Ohio.