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  • Numerous US, Canadian, and European patents granted with additional patents pending. HBA award finalist and Gold Medal winner from the Culinary Institute of America.
  • Environmentally conscious design: from choosing Eco-Friendly liquid and block formulations to simply designing products to be as effective but consuming fewer resources, Fresh helps to preserve our environment. We live here too!
  • Productivity boosters: many of our products save you time by allowing you to do 2 things at once - i.e., wash your hands and freshen the air.


  • #1 manufacturer of Industrial & Institutional block deodorants in the USA.
  • #1 OEM deodorant block supplier
  • Only vertically integrated I & I para manufacturer; we flake our para from molten liquid.
  • FDA soap manufacturer
  • Fragrance manufacturer
  • Blend liquids, mix powders, extrude and press blocks
  • All products are VOC Compliant


  • Odor control is our only business so we understand important details that other companies who offer odor control to "round out their bundle" may miss. For example, different types of air fresheners (aerosols, liquids, blocks, gels, etc.) need different versions of the key fragrance (like cherry) to maximize their air freshener potential.
  • At Fresh, we know this so we use different cherry fragrances in our gels, 103, and para, and Eco Fresh products.
  • This focus on details results in products that smell better and last longer than anyone else's.